Carlos Santana is a well-known name and talent that has been with us for much of the phenomena we happily call Rock and Roll. Many of his songs are embedded within the notable history of our beloved and enduring form of music. His last album was Santana IV back in 2016.

On January 25, Carlos Santana imprints his familiar band logo onto a small 5-track EP of new original music. The new EP is being called In Search of Mona Lisa. This new batch of music was heavily inspired by the original art piece on display at Paris’ classic Louvre Museum.  A vinyl EP edition will be available on February 22.

Currently, Santana is touring the US. The summer will bring a brand new full-length Santana album.

In Search Of Mona LisaSantana

01 Do You Remember Me
02 In Search Of Mona Lisa
03 Lovers From Another Time
04 Do You Remember Me (Edit)
05 In Search Of Mona Lisa (Edit)

By MARowe