Since the ’60s, Gordon Lightfoot has been giving fans his unique folk-styled tunes. It wasn’t until his breakout hit, “If You Could Read My Mind” from his fifth album, Sit Down Young Stranger (1970) that elevated his music to Top 40 status. After, he would produce more Top 40 singles with “Sundown”, “Carefree Highway”, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, “Rainy Day People”, “Summertime Dream”, “Race Among The Ruins” (the last three off his extraordinary Summertime Dream (1976) classic, and followup hits like “The Circle Is Small”, “Daylight Katy”, and a string of classic singles that bubbled within the Top 100. Fans, however, didn’t know singles. They loved every track on each album.

On March 1, Real Gone Music will release a 2CD set of collected single from Lightfoot’s most fruitful period, 1970-1980 when Gordon Lightfoot released 34 A and B-side singles, some that are quite familiar to Top40 listeners for both Reprise Records and Warner Brothers Records.

The 2CD set is being called – simply – The Complete Singles 1970-1980. All tracks have been newly remastered and highlight every single recorded with Lenny Waronker (and briefly, Joe Wissert), who helped fuel the successful singles of Gordon Lightfoot.

The included booklet will feature an insightful essay, notes, photos, and credits. 

The Complete Singles: 1970-1980Gordon Lightfoot

01. Me and Bobby McGee
02. The Pony Man
03. If You Could Read My Mind
04. Poor Little Allison
05. Talking in Your Sleep
06. Nous Vivons Ensemble
07. Summer Side of Life
08. Love & Maple Syrup
09. Beautiful
10. Don Quixote
11. That Same Old Obsession
12. You Are What I Am
13. Can’t Depend on Love
14. It’s Worth Believin’
15. Sundown
16. Too Late for Prayin’
17. Carefree Highway
18. Seven Island Suite
01. Rainy Day People
02. Cherokee Bend
03. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
04. The House You Live In
05. Race Among the Ruins
06. Protocol
07. The Circle Is Small (I Can See It in
Your Eyes)
08. Sweet Guinevere
09. Daylight Katy
10. Hangdog Hotel Room
11. Dreamland
12. Songs the Minstrel Sang
13. Dream Street Rose
14. Make Way for the Lady
15. If You Need Me
16. Mister Rock of Ages


By MARowe