Julia Kent is a cellist and composer from Canada who currently lives in the otherworldly and artistic spaces of New York City. Previously, she had been actively involved with the Rock/Cello bent of Rasputina (look ’em up!), who produced two albums for Columbia Records, both of which contain the entirety of Julia Kent’s involvement with the ground-breaking three-piece ensemble. In addition, she played for Anohni’s (Antony Hegarty) Antony and The Johnsons over two classic albums. But largely, Julia Kent has played solo, which easily showcases her true soul in her own beautiful and highly personal avant-garde style.

On January 25, Julia Kent gifts her fans with a brand new album, Temporal. This new album is complete with seven compositions, all of which are “meditation(s) on the transitory and fragile nature of existence”. These provocative compositions are another way music is exploratory of our times. Julia Kent’s forefront music is artful and compelling, often in ways that challenge and confront. The way art is meant to do.

You can hear a new track (“Imbalance“) from the new album below. It’s heartrendingly dark, engagingly beautiful, and vibrantly necessary. The song has a textural richness in its composition built within a distinct framework of music minimalism.

Temporal will be made available in HD digital (24-bit) from BandCamp, with CD and LP editions made available from The Leaf Label. The vinyl LP will be offered in standard black, and a Limited Edition white vinyl set (only 500 copies available).

TemporalJulia Kent

01 Last Hour Story
02 Imbalance
03 Conditional Futures
04 Floating City
05 Sheared
06 Through The Window
07 Crepuscolo


By MARowe