Since 1975 and over a meager supply of seven albums in roughly forty-five years, Pavlov’s Dog has given a particular sound to progressive music. Their first release, Pampered Menial, issued in early 1975, and was followed by the equally promising At The Sound Of The Bell. Both were released on Columbia Records and featured the amazingly unique vocal of David Surkamp, who has remained with the band throughout it’s splintered existence.

On December 7, Surkamp’s current iteration of Pavlov’s Dog (which, over time, has enjoyed the contributions of Bill Bruford, Michael Brecker, and Andy Mackay), will release the newest album, Prodigal Dreamer. Interestingly, this new album will feature a completely familiar cover, nearly the same as the band’s debut cover. (That may hint at a decisive end of the band.)

Prodigal Dreamer will provide thirteen new Surkamp compositions. The previously Pavlov’s Dog album, Echo and Boo, was released in 2010 (and was excellent).   In 2014, a “lost” 1973 Pavlov’s Dog album, recorded before Pampered Menial, was released as The Pekin Tapes (and was also an excellent addition to the Pavlov’s Dog collection for fans. Read here).

Prodigal Dreamer will be released on CD.

Prodigal DreamerPavlov’s Dog

01 Paris
02 Hard Times
03 Winterblue
04 Thrill of It All
05 Easter Day
06 Hurting Kind
07 Aria
08 Waterlow
09 Suzanne
10 Crying Forever
11 Being in Love
12 Shaking Me Down
13 The Winds Wild Early


By MARowe