In the early days of 2018’s January, Jon Anderson was reported to be finishing a solo work that he began nearly 30 years prior. With everything that gets in the way, it’s a wonder that any shelved projects become renewed. But For Jon Anderson, despite his busyness (at age 74! Birthday on Friday!), this long forgotten solo album is now going to be assured of a place in his catalog of music.

For now, little is known track-wise or actual release date. But when we discover these, we’ll be sure to post. Nevertheless… on October 25, pre-orders are being accepted for the new Jon Anderson solo album. 1000 Hands is blessed with the collaboration of  many musicians, most well-known. The line up promises the following notable musicians (with most original members of YES):

Vocals : Jon Anderson

Guitars : Larry Coryell, Tommy Calton, Steve Morse, Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, Bobby Koelble , Steve Howe, Trevor Rabin, Christie Lenee

Bass : Chris Squire, Tim Franklin, Stuart Hamm

Drums : Billy Cobham, Alan White, Matt Brown, Carmine Appice

Keyboards : Michael Franklin, Chick Corea, Jonathan Cain, Keith Heffner, Jeff Abbot, Brian Chatton, Antonio Esposito

Violin Soloists: Jean Luc Ponty, Robbie Steinhardt, Jerry Goodman, Charlie Bisharat, Olga Kopakova, Jason Thomas

Cello Soloists : Paul Fluery, Krissi Franzen

Percussion : Steady Joseph, Eddie Metz Jr.

Steel Drums : Pat Frost

Ukulele : Russel Chalk, Don Oriolo, Tim Franklin, Michael Franklin

Trombone : Pat Gulotta, Pat Frost

Trumpets : Steve Walters, Billy Boyd, Brian Scanlon

Saxophone : Brian Snapp, Edgar Winter, Charlie DeChant

Flute : Ian Anderson, Charlie DeChant, Brian Snapp

Horns : Tower of Power

Accordian : Darius Grabowski

Banjo : Mitch Corbin

Vioelectric : Michelle Jones, Brandy Moulden, Krissi Franzen, Kaitlin Higby, Paul Fleruy, Tim Franklin, Jennie Landau

Background Voices : Zap Mama, Bobby Kimball, Jane Anderson, Tim Franklin, Hu Yue, Michael Franklin, Kim Lovering, Matt Brown, Fei Peng Solar Choir, Voices Of LIndahl, Crossover, Superstar Choir, Nana Academy Youth Choir


By MARowe