The last Sharon Van Etten album released was Are We There, issued in 2014. Four years is a long time to wait for new music. Especially from an engaging artist like Sharon Van Etten. Recently, the singer marketed a new tee on her website that had “When is Sharon Van Etten’s Next Album?” emblazoned across the front.  Ordered tees delivered the sublime answer to the question asked by printing 01182019 on the back. And so now we know, January 18, 2019.

The most recent work we’ve had from the artist is her involvement in the new Marissa Nadler album, For My Crimes. For now, with no other information on the new album, Sharon Van Etten’s website is officially mute with the main page stating “We’ll Be Right Back”.

And so…on January 18, 2019, Sharon Van Etten will release her latest with Remind Me Tomorrow. The new album releases via Jagjaguwar Records (a great label, folks). The new album is being heralded by the release of a new single from the awaited album (hear below).

Remind Me TomorrowSharon Van Etten

01 – I Told You Everything
02 – No One’s Easy to Love
03 – Memorial Day
04 – Comeback Kid
05 – Jupiter 4
06 – Seventeen
07 – Malibu
08 – You Shadow
09 – Hands
10 – Stay

Hang in there, fans! In the meantime, have a listen to Sharon Van Etten’s heartbreaking cover of the timeless Skeeter Davis tune, “The End Of The World”.

By MARowe