Once the word was out that Fleet Foxes played stunning Rock/Folk hybrids, there was no looking back. Amassing a devoted fanbase (First Aid Kit covered “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” on their 2010 debut set). the band picked up accolades, awards, and best of selections. Fleet Foxes are based in Seattle and have three full-length albums available as well as their popular 2008 Sun Giant -track EP. Their last released album is Crack-Up, issued in 2017 via Nonesuch Records.

On November 9, Sub Pop Records (Nonesuch in Europe) will assemble a collection of songs from the years Fleet Foxes recorded with them. Calling the set First Collection 2006-2009, the label retrospective will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the band’s first album, and will include the Sun Giant EP. as well as the limited release EP, The Fleet Foxes EP (which was self-released), and a disc of B-sides & Rarities.

The CD box will provide each of the listed titles on a separate CDs, one for each title. The LP set will deliver a 12″ LP of the debut set, and 10″ vinyl discs for the EPs. A 32-page booklet will accompany CD and LP boxes. The booklet will include show flyers, lyrics, photos, and artwork. DD versions will be available as 320k MP3, ALAC, and FLAC.

First Collection 2006-2009 – Fleet Foxes (CDs will feature the same song listings)

Fleet Foxes 12”
Side A
01. Sun It Rises
02. White Winter Hymnal
03. Ragged Wood
04. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
05. Quiet Houses
06. He Doesn’t Know Why
Side B
01. Heard Them Stirring
02. Your Protector
03. Meadlowlarks
04. Blue Ridge Mountains
05. Oliver James

Sun Giant 10″
Side A
01. Sun Giant
02. Drops in the River
03. English House
Side B
01. Mykonos
02. Innocent Son

The Fleet Foxes EP 10″
Side A
01. She Got Dressed
02. In the Hot Hot Rays
03. Anyone Who’s Anyone
Side B
01. Textbook Love
02. So Long to the Headstrong
03. Icicle Tusk

B-Sides & Rarities 10″
Side A
01. False Knight On The Road
02. Silver Dagger
03. White Lace Regretfully
04. Isles
Side B
01. Ragged Wood (transition basement sketch)
02. He Doesn’t Know Why (basement demo)
03. English House (basement demo)
04. Hot Air (basement sketch)


By MARowe