If you’re a fan of the late ’70s post-punk movement that includes such great bands like Talking Heads, Magazine, and Television, then this piece of news is good for you. Especially true if you’re a fan of Television, and even more so if you’re a fan of Richard Lloyd.

Richard Lloyd played guitar for Television during the exciting developments of talent in NYC, and that of CBGB’s. The band released only two primetime albums (Marquee Moon – 1977, Adventure  – 1978, both on Elektra Records). Television released a later album on Capitol Records in 1992.  The self-titled album was performed by all the familiar members of the band.

Richard Lloyd recorded the well-received 1979 solo album, Alchemy. Over time, and on various other labels, Richard Lloyd issued six more albums. His last was Rosedale from 2016.

On November 2, Plowboy Records will release the eighth solo effort from Richard Lloyd. The new album is being called The Countdown, and will contain ten new songs. The album cover will feature artwork by Richard Lloyd.

The Countdown will be released on CD. DD, and vinyl LP.

The CountdownRichard Lloyd

01 – Wind In The Rain
02 – Smoke
03 – So Sad
04 – Run
05 – Whisper
06 – I Can Tell
07 – Just My Heart
08 – Something Remains
09 – Down The Drain
10 – Countdown


By MARowe