Iggy Pop once famously said that his last album (Post Pop Depression – 2016) would be his last. Personally, I didn’t believe him because music is rather a component of who he is. It’s in his DNA. And I felt that it was just a matter of time…! He just needed a bit of inspiration. And here is is:

On July 27, Underworld and Iggy Pop will unleash the new set of recordings via Caroline International. Called Teatime dub Encounters, it’s just as you’d expect. With the dance electronica of Underworld, and the vocals of Iggy Pop, this package is a great set of songs. Yes, you’re gonna have to be either a fan of the electronica/dance genre or willing to hear what Iggy’s in on this time, but for me, it works beautifully. The two available tracks (hear below) work well.

For those not aware of Underworld, they are a UK-based Electronic duo who formed back in the ’80s, inspired by those other electronic bands who were doing well (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream). With a few albums in release including live sets, Underworld set a path for themselves that continues to today. Iggy needs practically no introduction (if you need one, Google.)

Teatime Dub Encounters will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP (EP).

Teatime Dub EncountersUnderworld & Iggy Pop

01 – Bells & Circles
02 – Trapped
03 – I’ll See Big
04 – Get Your Shirt


By MARowe