Soul Asylum needs no introduction. With an appearance in the early 1980’s, the band released their first album, Say What You Will…Everything Can Happen (or Say What You Will, Clarence…Karl Sold The Truck) in 1984. From there, the fans slowly but steadily jumped on board the band’s wagon leading to the success of Grave Dancers Union. This was the band’s debut with Columbia Records, and was their sixth overall studio release. They followed up with the platinum-selling Let Your Dim Light Shine. Minneapolis was a proud city with this band.

Made To Be Broken was the band’s second release. Issued in 1986, a year where Soul Asylum was hitting on all cylinders. this album enjoyed several singles and attention on MTV.

On July 20, Omnivore Records will reissue a Deluxe Edition of Made To Be Broken with fresh new remastering, and an inclusion of fifteen bonus tracks, nine of which are previously unreleased. This reissue will provide new packaging with with new art, new notes, and a collection of rare photos, as well as other cool items that will make this Soul Asylum reissue a definite need for fans!

Made To Be BrokenSoul Asylum

01 – Tied To The Tracks
02 – Ship Of Fools
03 – Can’t Go Back
04 – Another World, Another Day
05 – Made To Be Broken
06 – Never Really Been
07 – Whoa!
08 – New Feelings
09 – Growing Pain
10 – Lone Rider
11 – Ain’t That Tough
12 – Don’t It (make your troubles seem small)
Bonus Tracks
13 – Long Way Home
14 – Another World, Another Day (Alternate Version)
15 – Fearless
16 – Freeway
17 – The Snake
18 – Hey Bird
19 – Friends
20 – Can’t Go Back (Alternate Version)
21 – Swingin’
22 – Lost In Your Face
23 – Catch Me If You Can
24 – Song Of The Terrorist
25 – To Go There
26 – 20 Year Itch
27 – Ramblin’ Rose


By MARowe