Stanley Clarke has enjoyed quite a musical legacy. With his involvement in Return To Forever, and his playing with Ron Wood and Keith Richards in The New Barbarians, his time with his solo work was more limited than he probably would have liked. But regardless, he still managed to create the extraordinary School Days classic, released in 1976. Overall, Stanley Clarke produced over fifteen studio and live solo sets, and more music as sideman, Return To Forever, and a large list of film and TV music. This guy has been busy.

On June 29, Stanley Clarke (as The Stanley Clarke Band) will release a new solo effort. It will be called The Message and will contain eleven new songs.

The core of The Stanley Clarke Band is Stanley Clarke, Mike Mitchell (drums), Cameron Graves (keyboards), and Beka Gochiashvili (keyboards). Currently, the songs “And Ya Know We’Re Missing You”, “Alternative Facts”, and “Combat Continuum” are pre-releases (and available on YouTube to listen to). I’ve embedded “Combat Continuum” below.

The Message is scheduled to be released on CD, DD.

The MessageThe Stanley Clarke Band

01 – And Ya Know We’Re Missing You: Dedicated Leon Ndugu Chancler, Darryl Brown, Al Jarreau, Tom Petty, Chuck Berry, & My Good Friend, Larry Coryell
02 – After The Cosmic Rain/Dance Of The Planetary Prince
03 – The Rugged Truth
04 – Combat Continnum
05 – The Message
06 – Lost In A World
07 – Alternative Facts
08 – Bach Cello Suite 1 (Prelude)
09 – The Legend of the Abbas and The Sacred Talisman
10 – Enzo’s Theme
11 – To Be Alive

By MARowe