In the ’80s, Echo & The Bunnymen provided their music in what I often call the richest vein in Rock history (1976-1985). Formed in 1978, with a first label issue in 1980 (Crocodiles), and their major label debut, the self-titled Echo & The Bunnymen, the band enjoyed hits like “The Pictures On My Wall” (1980), “A Promise” (1981), and sustaining well into the ’80s with hits like “Lips Like Sugar” (1987), and “The Game” (1987).  In fact, Rolling Stone Magazine’s oft consulted 500 Greatest Albums of All Time pegged the band’s second release, Heaven Up Here (1982) as important enough to be included.

Over time, Ian McCulloch would leave to a solo career, and the band would become a shell of itself. Nevertheless, things being what they are, McCulloch would come back with Will Sergeant, and briefly with Les Pattinson. Together, they would release What Are You Going To Do With Your Life? (1999), Flowers (2001), Siberia (2005), The Fountain (2009), and Meteorites (2014).

On October 5, 2018, core members McCulloch, and Sergeant, (as Echo & the Bunnymen) will release their next studio set, The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon. The new album will consist of Echo & The Bunnymen classics reformed and re-imagined with strings. It’s an album that McCulloch says he had to do for himself. We just get lucky enough to join in. Additionally, there will be some new songs as well. All in all, here will be fifteen tracks with two of them new songs (“The Somnambulist”, “How Far?”)

The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon will be released on CD, 2LP, DD, and Cassette.

The Stars, The Oceans & The MoonEcho & The Bunnymen

01. Bring on the Dancing Horses (Transformed)
02. The Somnambulist
03. Nothing Lasts Forever (Transformed)
04. Lips Like Sugar (Transformed)
05. Rescue (Transformed)
06. Rust (Transformed)
07. Angels & Devils (Transformed)
08. Bedbugs & Ballyhoo (Transformed)
09. Zimbo (Transformed)
10. Stars Are Stars (Transformed)
11. Seven Seas (Transformed)
12. Ocean Rain (Transformed)
13. The Cutter (Transformed)
14. How Far?
15. The Killing Moon (Transformed)


By MARowe