On June 1, Edsel Records released Volume One of the essential Boxed albums from UK Subs. That set contained the remastered sets from A though M. The band had undertaken an ambitious project to make an album with the titles beginning with subsequent letters of the alphabet. UK Subs actually accomplished this feat. The second box is now in the queue for release.

On August 3, Edsel plans the release of The Albums, Volume Two (N-Z) featuring the remaining catalog titles for U.K. Subs (an important early UK-based punk band from the late ’70s). This new volume will start with Normal Service Resumed (1993) and finish the story with Ziezo (2016). All albums will be remastered, and will provide two CDs (as with the first volume) of non-album tracks, b-sides, and other rare tracks. Over all, Volume Two will contain 261 tracks.

All albums will be housed in replica original album art cardboard sleeves, and each CD with a picture. All fifteen CDs will be contained in a hard cased Box.

U.K. Subs The Albums, Volume 2 (N-Z) – U.K. Subs
are Original Albums Remastered

CD14 (Non-LP Singles, B-sides, Rare tracks):
01. Another Cuba (Demo)
02. Lydia (Demo)
03. Riot
04. Government Drugs
05. B.F.D.
06. Hops N Barley
07. Betrayal
08. Nobody Move
09. Postcard From L.A.
10. Beer Police
11. Stay Away
12. Paradise Burning (Extended)
13. It’s A Scam
14. Bathroom Messiah
15. UK Subversives
16. Terroristos
17. Phillips Environmental
18. Works (Studio Version)

CD15 (Non-LP Singles, B-sides, Rare tracks):
01. Reclaim The Street
02. Metro
03. Go Home
04. Something In The Air
05. The Revolution’s Here
06. Party In Paris (2000 Version)
07. Something In The Air (Dub)
08. Drunken Sailor
09. Product Supply
10. Rare Disease
11. Embryo
12. 666 Yeah
13. Straighten Out
14. Creation
15. Warhead (2008)
16. I Live In A Car (2008)
17. Knuckleduster
18. Straighten Out (Second Version)
19. Hey Santa Claus!


By MARowe