The band known as Guadalcanal Diary arrived in the American Pop culture back in 1984 with the re-release of their big label Elektra debut, Walking In The Shadow of The Big Man. With a short life span (the band gave up the ghost in the same decade they began life in), Guadalcanal Diary never recorded professionally again after the release of their fourth album, Flip-Flop (1989).

Guadalcanal Diary released a live set after a brief reformation. Self-issued in 1999, At Your Birthday Party filled a gap in the band’s catalog while also underscoring the fact the band could still perform as well as they had in the past.


On July 13, Omnivore Recordings will reissue the respected 16-track live album of At Your Birthday Party, with a broad world-wide release not afforded it during its initial band self-release. The songs on At Your Birthday Party were cherry-picked from the reformed band’s two-night stand at Smith’s Olde Bar located in Atlanta, GA on January 23, 24 in 1998.

This new reissued set will feature not only the original sixteen live performance tracks, but will also add a booklet with photos, notes (by Attaway), and updated artwork.

At Your Birthday PartyGuadalcanal Diary

01 – Gilbert Takes The Wheel
02 – Trail of Tears
03 – Country Club Gun
04 – Pretty Is As Pretty Does
05 – The Likes of You
06 – Lips of Steel
07 – Newborn
08 – Say Please
09 – I See Moe
10 – Whiskey Talk
11 – Vista
12 – Litany (Life Goes On)
13 – Dead Eyes
14 – Cattle Prod
15 – Pau Pau
16 – Watusi Rodeo


By MARowe