When Bloc Party released their excellent debut, Silent Alarm, back in 2005, it was Gang of Four that critics used to describe the band’s sound and energy. Gang of Four is a band with their roots in UK post punk from the late ’70s. Their first album, Entertainment! found an immediate audience, snagging high ratings and Album of the Year accolades. At their peak, the band had released three albums. But by 1983, their popularity was waning. And while they lost the mass audience, they still appealed to a strong core of fans.

Their last album, What Happens Next, released in 2015. The album is powered by original member, Andy Gill, and none of the others. However, the current band around Gill is still quite effective musically, giving zoom to Andy Gill’s lyrics.

On April 13, Gang of Four will release an EP entitled Complicit. Unfortunately, there is only a lead in single, “Lucky”. To date, and so close to release date, there is no cover art, nor is there a track-list. But there is “Lucky” (hear below).

By MARowe