If you have more than a few miles on that car you call a body, then you surely remember the music of The Staple Singers. Their first song that captured the wide attention of music lovers was the gospel-tinged “Respect Yourself”, followed by he number one hit, “I’ll Take You There”. Formed by the beloved Pops Staples, this family band of singers were enjoyed for what they brought to the world. One of the members of that band was Mavis Staple.

Mavis Staples’ voice is as powerful a voice as can be heard. Alongside The Staple Singers, she enjoyed her own career as a solo artist. Over time, she’s released fourteen studio albums (not counting those with The Staple Singers). Her last four were released by the surprising and bold label, ANTI-Records, a label subsidiary of Epitaph (known for its Punk issues).

On November 17, ANTI-Records will release the new Mavis Staples album, If All I Was Was Black. The new album will present ten tracks that will show off the treasure that is Mavis Staples.

If All I Was Was Black will release on CD, DD, and 180g-weight vinyl LP.

If All I Was Was BlackMavis Staples

01 Little Bit
02 If All I Was Was Black
03 Who Told You That
04 Ain’t No Doubt About It (feat. Jeff Tweedy)
05 Peaceful Dream
06 No Time For Crying
07 Build A Bridge
08 We Go High
09 Try Harder
10 All Over Again

By MARowe