Yoko Ono has released quite a catalog of albums. In those, they have deviated wildly from extreme advant-garde, effective pop culture, and straight out attempts at acceptance. But no matter how you viewed the career of Yoko Ono, one cannot deny her place within the broadest borders of Rock and Roll. Personally, I based all of her contributions solely on their artistic merit. There are some that were quite good.

In her time, she has released thirteen solo albums beginning as early as 1970 with her eponymous debut, Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band. She followed that up with her accepted Fly album, issued in 1971. It charted and has since been reissued by Rykodisc just before the turn of the century.

On July 14, Secretly Canadian will reissue Fly. It will be reissued digitally for the first time ever, and be reissued on 2CD and vinyl 2LP for the first time since the turn of the new century.This new edition will provide new remastering, and will offer four bonus tracks that include the previously released “Between The Takes”, and “Will You Touch Me”, along with rare tracks, “The Path”, and “Headplay” (a medley of You/Airmale/Fly).

Secretly Canadian will also reissue Fly’s follow-up, Approximately Infinite Universe as 2CD, 2LP, and DD, same date! It will contain one bonus track, “Dogtown”.



By MARowe