One of my favorite female singers from the ’60s and ’70s was Laura Nyro. A creator of great music that found more chart action with other bands and singers’ versions than her own, Laura Nyro still commanded a genuine high respect. It always irked me that few knew of her genius. In fact, it is the love I had for Laura Nyro that consistently leads me to female singers like Marissa Nadler, who bears a striking visual resemblance to Ms Laura Nyro.

When labels return to her music, I’m always a bit overjoyed. The news that Real Gone Music will revisit Laura Nyro via Second Disc Records is a great bit of news. It also helps that Second Disc Records is helmed by highly respected friends of mine, Joe Marchese, and Mike Duquette, both who also run The Second Disc website.

The new 2CD album is called A Little Magic, A Little Kindness – The Complete Mono Albums Collection. It will feature two of Nyro’s early albums, More Than A New Discovery (1967), and Eli And the Thirteenth Confession (1968), a distributed promo Mono set. In addition to the original music, there are three bonus tracks which include the uncensored “Stoney End”, and “Eli’s Coming” as the album’s single, and “Save The Country”, the non-LP single.

A Little Magic, A Little Kindness – The Complete Mono Albums Collection is newly remastered for this release. This set will include a 24-page booklet with photos, credits, and a liner notes penned by Joe Marchese.

A Little Magic, A Little Kindness – The Complete Mono Albums CollectionLaura Nyro

CD1 (More Than A New Discovery, Laura Nyro, The First Songs)
1. Goodbye Joe
2. Billy’s Blues
3. And When I Die
4. Stoney End
5. Lazy Susan
6. Hands Off the Man (Flim Flam Man)
7. Wedding Bell Blues
8. Buy and Sell
9. He’s a Runner
10. Blowin’ Away
11. I Never Meant to Hurt You
12. California Shoeshine Boys
Bonus Track
13. Stoney End (Original Single Version with Alternate Lyrics)

CD2 (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession):
1. Luckie
2. Lu
3. Sweet Blindness
4. Poverty Train
5. Lonely Women
6. Eli’s Coming
7. Timer
8. Stoned Soul Picnic
9. Emmie
10. Woman’s Blues
11. Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe)
12. December’s Boudoir
13. The Confession
Bonus Tracks
14. Eli’s Coming (Mono Single Version)
15. Save the Country (Non-LP Single Version)


By MARowe