Radiohead is eclectic enough to catch the attention of the most demanding obscure music lover, and yet mainstream enough to spread a wider net

Cover art for Oknotok

for their music. Sales of their albums reveal that no matter where you stand, Radiohead is likely to be a appreciated source of entertainment for you.  And I already know that TAP readers are a demanding lot! You’re the (ONLY) reason I do this site year after year.

One of the classic issues from Radiohead is their third album, OK Computer, released in 1997. That album exposed the band to their largest audience that they’ve experienced up to that album. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe that it’s at its 20th Anniversary now.

On June 23, XL Recordings will release a remastered edition and include a collection of bonus tracks with three previously unreleased songs and a series of eight B-side tracks. This update will feature 23 songs total (see track-list below). This new edition is titled OKNOTOK 1997-2017. It is being re-released on 2CD, DD, and 3LP (180g-weight vinyl). Even better, there will be a Box set arriving with the three 180g vinyl LPs and a hardbound book filled with art, lyrics, and more. Adding to the heft of this supreme collector’s set will be a notebook by Thom Yorke, a sketchbook, and a C90 cassette mix cassette with – as yet unknown – sessions and demos pieces.

After OK Computer,  Radiohead produced six more albums including their recent A Moon-Shaped Pool. With their talent increasing over the decades, we can only look forward to more and more intriguing music from this band. Here’s to a 20th Anniversary set for their follow-up to OK Computer, which was Kid A (2000), for 2020.

OKNOTOK 1997-2017 (OK Computer) – Radiohead

CD1 – Original Album (12 tracks):
01 – Airbag
02 – Paranoid Android
03 – Subterranean Homesick Alien
04 – Exit Music (For a Film)
05 – Let Down
06 – Karma Police
07 – Fitter Happier
08 – Electioneering
09 – Climbing Up The Walls
10 – No Surprises
11 – Lucky
12 – The Tourist

CD2 – Unreleased Tracks (3 tracks):
13 – I Promise
14 – Man of War
15 – Lift
Bonus B-sides Inclusions (8 tracks)
16 – Lull
17 – Meeting In The Aisle
18 – Melatonin
19 – A Reminder
20 – Polyethylene (Pts 1 & 2)
21 – Pearly
22 – Palo Alto
23 – How I Made My Millions


By MARowe