Cheap Trick has never been one to rest musically. They are relentless in their dedication to their original intent. Make the best music, put on the best shows, and enjoy the best effects. And they’re still doing it all these years later. I will admit to only being super fond of their debut album, with the rest interesting. But it is the debut I always replay. Nevertheless…

Cheap Trick, like many artists these days, have gone to Pledge Music as the monetizing means to produce and release new albums. They have a brand new album coming down the road. The album is called We’re All Alright. It follows up last year’s Bang Zoom Crazy Hello (released early April, 2016). We’re All Alright will be distributed via Big Machine Records.

We’re All Alright will offer ten tracks, but throw in three bonus tunes on the Deluxe Edition CD. If you hit the PledgeMusic website (here), you can get in on a lot of various bundles for this new album including vinyl mats. tees, and other assorted goodies. You can preview a track of the new album below.

There will be an LP edition that will be delayed until August 18. The CD and DD Editions (all of ’em) will be released on June 16.


By MARowe