Music is a much different beast these days with the instant availability of recording processes, and a wealth of venues to play at. In addition, the coming of the internet age has provided more access and visibility options than ever before. And with streaming as an option, you can immediately sample a track to see if it’s worth your time. Of course, I use up much of my time to not only enjoy the old classics that you and I grew up on but also on a search for music worth my time. There are a few that sticks. One that I enjoy and you should be aware of is a band out of Washington.

Chastity Belt is a four member all-female band that play a brand of music geared toward Pop and is quite listenable. Formed in 2010, Chastity Belt has been around for a bit with two previous studio albums under their belt. Their first album, No Regerts, was released back in 2013. It was released by an indie label. In 2015, Chastity Belt released their next album, Time To Go Home, generating positive reviews.

On June 2, Chastity Belt will released their latest album, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone. It will be released by their current label, Hardly Art, and distributed by Warner Brothers Music. They have a single out to pave the way for the new album (hear below).

I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone will be released on CD, DD, Cassette, and vinyl LP. The LP will carry with it a download rights card.

I hope that you take the chance to explore them as they are pretty good.


By MARowe