When it comes to audio perfection, we have no greater stickler in the profession than Neil Young. The digital world has long been a thorn in Young’s side. He held off from the transition to CD for ages during the formative years of the format. Eventually, he relented but only because time was moving on without a clear pathway to ease Neil Young’s grievance against the format.

Some of Neil Young’s mos enduring – and endearing – albums have been slow to make the lavish parades of reissues and remasters of Deluxe Editions and Super Deluxe Editions, all of which would have sold through splendidly.

On May 12, Reprise Records will release two separate CD Box sets that will house nine of Neil’s great high points. These are CD versions of he already released vinyl remasters that were previously released back in 2016. ORS Box 5-8 was originally reissued on vinyl on RSD on Saturday, April 19, 2011, and ORS Box 8.5-12 was released (on vinyl) on November 26, 2016. All were limited editions!

May 12 will deliver these analog remasters on CD with ORS Box 5-8 providing Zuma, On The Beach, Time Fades Away, and Tonight’s The Night, and ORS Box 8.5-12 providing Long May You Run (Stills-Young Band), Comes A Time, American Stars ‘N Bars, Rust Never Sleeps, and Live Rust.


By MARowe