Isao Tomita has been gone from us since May of 2016. I’m actually surprised that we’ve not seen any remasters or expansions by RCA. A BOX even. I think that his works contributed heavily to the beautiful ’70s, before sound and style upended (not unappealingly, mind you). But we didn’t get a representative set of refreshed Tomita music. But, we are getting something, Tomita fans.

On March 22, via Nippon Columbia, the first Tomita set since his death is being released. The new album is being called Dr. Coppelius, and is a live presentation of his composed symphony. It is the premiere of the symphony, played live at the 12th Bunkamura Orchard Hall by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. This symphony played live on November 11/12 in 2016. The symphony was conducted by Kazumasa Watanabe, with electronic parts performed by Aiko Hikari.

Dr Coppelius, of course, while an original work, is not a studio work. I have hope that it will be eventually done, and released as a studio work attributed to Tomita, for the enjoyment of his fans. You can see more here.

Dr Coppelius – Tomita

01 – The 0th movement Move the living body Ascending Life Form
02 – 3rd movement Into the universe Into The Outer Space Based on Villa-Lobos’ No. 7 “Brazilian Bach”
03 – 4th movement Landing on The Asteroid 25143 Itokawa at Planet Itokawa Based on Leo ยท dolbe composition “Coppelia” waltz
04 – The 5th movement Mourning Song Song of Grief Based on Villa-Lobos’ No. 4 “Brazilian Bach”
05 – End of the 6th movement End of The Time Richard Wagner’s composition “Tristan and Isolde” based on the death of love
06 – 7 th movement, Sunrise Rise of The Planet 9


By MARowe