The last album from Mike + The Mechanics was The Road, released as a UK-only issue back in 2011. Recently, a US-issued version of The Road was announced. This, apparently, was to pave the way for the next stage of Mike + The Mechanics with a new album. Over their time, the band has released seven studio sets, selling more than ten million units, and launching a nice collection of hit singles from them.

On April 7, The End Records, distributed by BMG will release Let Me Fly. The new album will feature twelve new songs. In addition to the release of this anticipated set, Mike + The Mechanics will embark on a tour in support, and to help celebrate the band’s 25th Anniversary as a band, with a possible US tour as well!

On February 27, a single from the new album will hit radio (or what passes for radio these days, anyway). The single will be “Don’t Know What Came Over Me”.

Let Me Fly will be issued on CD, DD (MP3 and MFIT (Mastered for iTunes), and vinyl LP.

Let Me Fly – Mike + The Mechanics

01 Let Me Fly
02 Are You Ready
03 Wonder
04 The Best Is Yet To Come
05 Save The World
06 Don’t Know What Came Over Me
07 High Life
08 The Letter
09 Not Out Of Love
10 Love Left Over
11 I’ll Be There For You
12 Save My Soul


By MARowe