If you’re like me, then you pay as close attention to the current music scene. For me, I have always immersed in the underground stream of new music. I subscribed to a lot of small magazines designed for music not overtly seen and heard otherwise. It’s a habit that’s never gone far. One of my favorite bands these days is The Black Angels.

The Black Angels is a retro (and not so retro) Psychedelic Rock band with plenty of hard-hitting social commentary. That’s not to mention that they’re music is first class, grade A Rock and Roll of he best kind. Their last album, Indigo Meadow, was – and still is – a brilliant display of Rock supremacy. They fit in with the older generations because of the familiar and satisfying style of music they play. And they connect with today’s generation of music lovers because they carry a message for the world we all live in, and they present it with Rock that works today!

The Black Angels have moved over to a bigger label, Partisan Records, a grand label that is also home to Heartless Bastards. With a new album on the horizon, the band will be positioned to gain an even larger fan-base. Still, I’m very excited for new music from them.

On April 21, Partisan Records will push Death Song out to fans. Currently, they have a track from the new album that can be heard below. The new song is called “Currency” and is a deep-hearted look at how money rules our world, namely the BIG money from a few holders of immense wealth, and how it dictates our progress. The Black Angels will undertake a 22-date support US tour beginning in April and sealing up in June.

If you pre-order from the band’s site (here), there are options for bundles and merch that you might find interesting (including a sweet satin jacket). Partisan Records will release the 11-track Death Song on CD, DD, and vinyl LP!

I hope you’re as excited as I am for Death Song from The Black Angels! If you are unaware of The Black Angels, do NOT let any of the song or album titles lead you to self-determine that they might be more than you want. Give the single below a chance. You just might be quite surprised!


By MARowe