derringer-the-complete-blue-sky-albums-1976-1978While you might remember Rick Derringer for his roles in The McCoys, which released “Hang On Sloopy”, and his solo work that included his break hits, “Rock and Roll, Hootchie Koo”, and “Teenage Love Affair”. you might also remember his tenure with the Winter brothers. But if you went than far, then you no doubt are very aware of his successful Rock band, Derringer.

Derringer enjoyed a brief run of popularity with the release of his Blue Sky debut 1976 issue, Derringer. It had great songs like “Let Me In”, “Sailor”, and “Beyond The Universe”. Over the next few years, Rick Derringer and Kenny Aaronson (bass), Vinny Appice (drums), and Danny Johnson (guitars), known collectively as Derringer, pushed out three studio sets (Derringer, Sweet Evil – 1977, If I Weren’t So Romantic, I’d Shoot You, 1978), and a nice Live set, Derringer Live (1977). There was a promo-only Derringer – Live In Cleveland issued in 1976 to promote the band to radio.

On January 27, Hear No Evil will release a 5CD Box collection of all Derringer releases including those listed above! In addition, the CDs containing the albums will add in several bonus cuts (a mono version of “Let Me In” on the debut disc, a mono version of “Don’t Stop Loving Me” on the Sweet Evil disc, and a mono version of “Lawyers, Guns and Money” from their last studio set.) The two live sets are released as they were track-listed!

The 5CD Box is called Derringer: The Complete Blue Sky Albums 1976-1978.

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By MARowe