[UPDATE: This CD and LP set commemorating the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath was previously scheduled for November 18 but is now on the calendar for February 3, 2017. Also, an unboxing video found at the end of this article.]

black-sabbath-the-ultimate-collectionFor many of us, we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 4CD Paranoid Box set of the classic 1970 Black Sabbath album. But before that arrives, BMG will be releasing a nice 2CD ‘best of’ for the band, filled with songs that you know and love. All of the songs found on this collection are representative of the Ozzy-era ONLY! That means the set collects from the 1970 eponymous debut on through the last to feature Ozzy, Never Say Die! from 1978.

The new Ozzy-era Anthology is being called The Ultimate Collection. It is planned for CD, DD, hi-res HD DD, and a cool 1980g-weight vinyl LP set with 4LPs.

The 2CD sett is now planned for February 3, 2017.

The four LPs will be housed in a uniquely designed ‘crucifold’ jacket hat folds outward into a crucifix shape. Each end of the cross will house an LP. The 4LP set will arrive on February 3.

All tracks are newly remastered!


The Ultimate Collection – Black Sabbath


01 Paranoid
02 Never Say Die
03 Iron Man
04 Black Sabbath
05 Children Of The Grave
06 Fairies Wear Boots
07 Changes
08 Rat Salad
09 Sweet Leaf
10 War Pigs
11 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
12 Hole In The Sky
13 Symptom Of The Universe
14 Spiral Architect
15 Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor


01.Dirty Women
02 Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me
03 A Hard Road
04 Lord Of This World
05 Into The Void
06 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
07 Snowblind
08 Tomorrow’s Dream
09 The Wizard
10 N.I.B.
11 Electric Funeral
12 Embryo
13 Killing Yourself To Live
14 Am I Going Insane
15 Wicked World
16 It’s Alright




By MARowe