the-boyzz-too-wild-to-tameMany years ago, I bought a Chicago area band’s new album. In the late ’70s, there were more than a few that found themselves on a major label. Off Broadway, Trillion, The Hounds, and a hard core biker band by the name of The Boyzz. Of course, being a supporter, I bought them all.  While I know that most of the made at least two albums, The Boyzz, although having recorded their second album, was dropped and the second album shelved. The only album released was Too Wild To Tame, issued in 1978 on Cleveland International, an Epic side label.

Although it’s surprising that this post is being made, it’s welcome to know that a reissue of Too Wild To Tame is coming for fans who might want a CD copy.

On December 9, a reissue label, Bad Reputation has Too Wild To Tame coming. It’s a bare bones reissue with no extra songs. Personally, I’m waiting for a 2fer somewhere down the road that will incorporate the unreleased second album, which was called Midwest Kids.

Until then, a CD release of Too Wild To Tame works for me.  UK release.

Check them out by listening to the posted video below.


By MARowe