Herb Alpert Human NatureCertainly, Herb Alpert is a vital part of our Rock and Roll history. With his many jazz-infused classics that include the wild and beautiful Whipped Cream and Other Delights (1965) album that contained the classic Tijuana Brass tune, “A Taste Of Honey”, and The Beat Of The Brass (1968) that issued the wonderful “This Guy’s In Love With You”, we have been lucky to enjoy his many hits and albums releases.

On September 30, we will get another chance to enjoy the trumpet of Herb Alpert with the release of his next album, Human Nature. This new album will contain nine tracks, some original and some covers. One such cover found on the album will be Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”. The first single from the album, “Doodles”, will be released on August 15.

Human Nature will be released on CD and DD.

Human Nature – Herb Alpert

01 – Human Nature
02 – Shake It
03 – Alfie
04 – Thalia
05 – Look Up Again
06 – Incognito
07 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
08 – Mystery Man
09 – Doodles

I understand that there will be a grand reissue push of 24 Herb Alpert titles beginning in September. More as that news begins to unspool!


By MARowe