Ian Hunter Fingers CrossedOne of our more resilient Rock n Rollers is easily Ian Hunter. When you mention Ian Hunter (in any breath), you can come away with many thoughts and realities. Of course, many of us recognize his part in the historic version of Mott The Hoople. It was with that band that the world came to find them with their big hit, “All The Young Dudes”. David Bowie was a large part of their bigger stage with his involvement although not because their talent level needed a boost. It was because of their huge talent pool that Bowie became involved with them in the first place. (I love that Bowie used his fame to help bands get much deserved attention!)

After Mott The Hoople’s last album with Hunter, Ian went on to start a successful solo career. During that early period, he cranked out plenty of singles and enjoyed charting with eight of his more than fifteen album releases. In fact, eight singles charted including one from 2007, “When The World Was Round”. His skills as a singer-songwriter are as tight and effective as they were back in his Mott days as well as his fruitful solo years.

On September 16, Ian Hunter will release his next solo album, Fingers Crossed. His is his first since When I’m President from 2002 (When I’m President charted in the Top 200 in the US, and at 97 in the UK. With all of the music being released these days, that’s a remarkable feat! But we’re talking about Ian Hunter here!

The new album has already released a single, which can be heard below. The song is a tribute to David Bowie called “Dandy”. The new album conains ten new original tracks. There is  bonus non-album song that can be acquired by pre-ordering the new album. Fingers Crossed is being released on CD, DD, and 180g-weight vinyl LP.


By MARowe