Spencer Davis Group Taking Out Time Complete Recordings 1967-1969Spencer Davis Group was a vital and influential part of the ’60s. With their singles and classic bluesy blend of Rock and Roll, they managed to make a bit of a mark on the radio, especially with their “Gimme Some Lovin'” hit. That song was followed by “I’m A Man”. Both of those songs are the best remembered by a US audience, although the UK audience appreciated them far more by sending ten of their songs to the Top 40 charts with two of them charting at number one (NOT “I’m A Man” nor “Gimme Some Lovin'”). Unfortunately, as good as this band was, it would not last too long as Steve Winwood would leave to go to Traffic (and enjoy some solo success afterwards). But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t leave behind some great music that many of us haven’t really heard yet. With this new era of music upon us, and many of us looking back, this is a great time to explore further than we could have possibly done (what with all of the great music being released on a weekly basis back in the ‘6os. Really!)

On August 19, RPM Records, via Cherry Red Records (UK) will release a 3CD Box of Spencer Davis Group songs. The 3CDs will house 68 tracks that do not have any of the Winwood brothers on them. That first edition was a short-lived band. Their replacements were Phil Sawyer, and Eddie Hardin. Together, they recorded some excellent tunes like “Time Seller”. Eventually, Sawyer would leave and be replaced by Ray Fenwick. And while this doesn’t spell the absolute ending of this band, they weren’t as resilient as we might have liked them to be. But, they created some great songs!

This Box, Taking Out Time: Complete Recordings 1967-1969, will feature music from the band until their demise. CD1 begins with “Time Seller” and moves through a range of recorded songs by the next iteration. CD2 provides the band’s 1969 album, Funky, which showcased Nigel Olssen, and Dee Murray before their departure to Elton John, and a host of other notable tracks. CD3 highlights unreleased BBC sessions tracks, rarities, interview segments, alternative versions, and other interesting live performance tracks.

Taking Out Time will be housed in a clamshell-styled box, with a richly detailed booklet with photos, new notes, and memorabilia from this particular point in time of The Spencer Davis Group.

This is an archival piece dedicated to the solid Spencer Davis Group fan and fans of its expanded Rock tree. While it doesn’t showcase any Winwood years material, itt captures the rest easily.

01. Time Seller
02. Don’t Want You No More
03. Taking Time Out
04. Every Little Thing
05. Virginals Dream
06. Looking Back
07. Picture of Her
08. Just Like Me
09. Possession
10. Mr. Second Class
11. Sanity Inspector
12. After Tea
13. Moonshine
14. With His New Face on
15. Mr. Second Class
16. Alec in Transitland
17. Sanity Inspector
18. Feel Your Way
19. Morning Sun
20. Moonshine
21. Don’t Want You No More
22. Time Seller
23. Stop Me, I’m Falling
24. After Tea

01. (Aquarius) Der Wassermann
02. Let the Sun Shine in
03. Short Change
04. Picture of Heaven
05. I Met a Woman
06. Letters from Edith
07. Raintree River
08. What a Way to Die
09. Firefly (Alias Funky)
10. Magical Day
11. I Guess I’m Wasting My Time
12. Misguided (Alias Poor Misguided Woman)
13. And the Gods Came Down
14. New Hersey Turnpike
15. Magpie (the Murgatroyd Band)
16. Twice a Week (the Murgatroyd Band)
17. I’m Lost
18. Pools Winner
19. Groove Extra
20. The Girls Song
21. Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine in (Demo)
22. Feel Your Way (Backing Track)

01. Feel Your Way
02. Morning Sun
03. Taking Out Time
04. Picture of Her
05. Just Like Me
06. Possession
07. Don’t Want You No More (18.12.67)
08. Interview (18.12.67)
09. Mr. Second Class (18.12.67)
10. Time Seller (18.12.67)
11. Feel Your Way (17.1.68 )
12. Taking Out Time (17.1.68 )
13. Time Seller (17.1.68 )
14. Moonshine ( 11.3.68 )
15. Interview ( 11.3.68 )
16. After Tea ( 11.3.68 )
17. Feel Your Way ( 11.3.68 )
18. Dust My Blues ( 24.6.68 )
19. Interview ( 24.6.68 )
20. With His Face on ( 24.6.68 )
21. Mr Second Class ( 24.6.68 )
22. Dust My Blues


By MARowe