Can CANCAN, the eponymous eleventh studio album by the innovative German band, Can, was first released in Germany in 1978, vinyl LP, of course. It’s a brilliant album for anyone with a mind for stylistic music that extends much further than Pop, or even many Rock and Alternative releases. The album, with its eight tracks is a heady trip into yourself. One that you could just lay back with and let wash over you. Therapeutic even, if you want to go that far.

CAN (also known as Inner Space) has a distinct jazz feel to it, with its prog-like exploration of melodies throughout. The Jazz is a fusion style that satisfies immensely. It’s already released on just about any format you can imagine from the time of its original release through the SACD reissue of the set.

CAN will be reissued via Mute Records as a standard CD re-release. The mastering is taken from the SACD DSD project tapes released in 2006. The booklet replicates the SACD inclusion. Regardless, it’s coming out again on CD. This is good news for those that haven’t a copy of the hard to locate (at a decent price) album but want one. A vinyl LP version was released via Mute Records back in the latter part of 2014.

Watch for the CD release of CAN on July 22.


By MARowe