Kris Kristofferson Complete Monument and Columbia Albums CollectionSince Janis Joplin provided the incentive to seek out the writer of “Me And Bobby McGee”, I’ve had a immense respect for the music of Kris Kristofferson. With nearly every song he created, I found a reason to stick with his music, even until this very day. In fact, I consistently look for new new upcoming releases from him. He just never seems to disappoint. Good!

On June 10, Legacy Recordings will release a massive 16CD Box for Kris Kristofferson that will collect all the Monument Records and Columbia Records catalog from this artist. That will include his 1970 Kristofferson debut on Monument, and zip all the way through until To The Bone from 1981. The box is being titled The Complete Monument & Columbia Albums Collection.

As a bonus exclusive to this set, there will be an additional five CDs that will include two CDs of previously unreleased Live material (Live At The Big Sur Folk (recorded in 1970), with eleven performance tracks; and The WPLJ-FM Broadcast – 1972, with twelve tracks). There is another Live set CD, this one previously released in 1992 (recorded in 1972) Live At The Philharmonic, filled with 24 tracks, many with other performers like Rita Coolidge, Willie Nelson, and Larry Gatlin. Finally, an extra 2 CDs filled with outtakes, demos, and non-LP singles.

The added book(let) should add more than a little excitement as well. It will provide essays and new liner notes along with a wealth of photos and memorabilia.

Kristofferson Box

I should also add that since his tenure with Columbia Records, Kristofferson has recorded for Mercury Records (Repossessed – 1986, Third World Warrior – 1990) one for Justice Records ( A Moment Of Forever – 1995), two BRILLIANT albums for New West Records (This Old Road – 2006, Closer To The Bone – 2009), and one for KK Records (Feeling Mortal – 2013)! None of these should be ignored especially the New West issues.

And if this isn’t enough Kristofferson for you (it isn’t for me), then there’s this:

On June 17, Kristofferson will release a 2CD set of 25 re-recorded Kristofferson songs, called The Cedar Creek Sessions. It even draws heavily from the¬†underrated Easter Island set that will include “Forever In Your Love”, “Risky Bizness”, “Lay Me Down (And Love The World Away)”, “The Bigger The Fool, The Harder The Fall”, and “Easter Island”. I’m equally excited for this set!

Kristofferson The Cedar Creek Sessions 2CD

Both go into my collection!


By MARowe