John Williams The GuitaristWhen you’re a prolific guitarist like John Williams, it’s safe to say that he has a lot of respected and much-loved music under his name. And with over 40 years in the business of creating exquisitely beautiful guitar works , it’s not impossible to have a lot of available music to acquire. There’s not much that can be said about John Williams that isn’t already known, more or less, so I’ll spare you the history. What is important to note is that Sony Classical has decided to honor the master, who celebrates his 75th birthday in April.

John Williams was once a member of Sky, a progressive band of the late ’70s, into the ’80s, which helped contribute to his visibility in a Rock setting. However, much of his work is within the Classical realm.

Sony Classical will release a 58CD Box with the addition of a DVD to complete the set. The box will provided an expansive project that brings all of his classical works (57 titles in all) to one place, all remastered. It is equally important to note that 60 pieces of his original works will be presented here for the first time on CD. The booklet should be impressive as well.

The additional CD is a special issue of his well-loved 1993 Seville concert. The added DVD will be the entire show in video form. The DVD will include a bonus documentary of John Williams as well.

John Williams – The Guitarist – The Complete Columbia Album Collection is targeted for March 4. I’d post the inclusions but man what an undertaking that would be. It’s everything, folks, classically related. And – at under $170 for the entire set, it’s kind of a steal!

John Williams - The Complete Album collection


By MARowe