Mike Timmins has announced that Cowboy Junkies will be formally releasing a new 4-CD box set for the Fall season.  It will be titled Notes Falling Slow.  The exact release date has yet to be determined.  The box will consist of 3 remastered discs for the Open (2001), One Soul Now (2004) and At The End Of Paths Taken (2007) albums.  A fourth disc will consist of new recordings of songs from the sessions which took place for each of the albums but failed to make the final cut.  This does not mean the songs were necessarily inferior to what made it onto the final track-listings for each of the three albums.  Instead, it may have boiled down to songs not fitting things lyrically or musically to the flow of each individual album.
Cowboy Junkies
These albums found Mike Timmins further stretching the boundaries of the band’s music while Margo (Mike’s sister) continued her journey into opening her voice up a little more.  It will be very interesting to hear what nuances the new mastering will bring out in the music.

Once the release date is revealed, the set will be available through their Latent Recordings connection via their official website www.cowboyjunkies.com as well as the link over to the Maple Music store.  Within a short period of time afterwards, Amazon should start showing their own links for the set.  This column will be updated once the release date is announced.

–Steve Talia

By MARowe