Ben Folds So ThereBen Folds has been making music for his audience since 1995 when he was a part of the alternative band, Ben Folds Five. With that band, he has released four studio albums along with a compilation (Ben Folds Five – 1995, Whatever And Ever Amen – 1997, The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner – 1999, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind – 2012, and the comp, Naked Baby Photos – 1998). In addition to those, Ben Folds has provided three solo works without the band (Rockin’ The Suburbs – 2001, Songs For Silverman – 2005, Way To Normal – 2008). Scattered throughout his time, there have been a number of wonder collaborations.

On September 11, New West Records will release his next solo work, So There. This new album will bring a new flavor to his art by providing several compositions that utilize strings and chamber music.There are eight chamber music pop tracks, and a long 21-minute piano concerto recorded in three movements. The song, Concert For Piano and Orchestra, was recorded with the Nashville Symphony.

So There will be released on CD, vinyl 2LP, and DD. The 2LP set will provide a download card for digital tracks.


By MARowe