Nirvana NirvanaNirvana is considered one of the great bands from the ’90s. Although its end was brief and tragic, they left behind a wealth of great songs that are still relevant today. Their brief legacy also includes two best-selling releases, Nevermind (1991), and In Utero (1993). My favorite Nirvana track is “All Apologies” from their In Utero set (that’s me).

Nirvana did release an album on Sub Pop called Bleach. It was originally issued in 1989, and, after the blow up success of the Geffen Records follow-ups, it elevated to Platinum sales worldwide.

After the unfortunate death of Kurt Cobain, Geffen issued a compilation set called, simply, Nirvana, to represent their short career. It was issued in 2002. It followed the release of Incesticide. Nirvana reached into all of the available Nirvana albums and live sets and included a “new” track (at the time), “You Know You’re Right”.

On August 28, Geffen will update the Nirvana compilation by releasing it on upgraded audio, in the Blu-ray Audio format.

By MARowe