The Enemy Its Automatic CDBack in 2007, a band called The Enemy (The Enemy UK for US audiences) released a number one album, We’ll Live And Die In These Towns. the album was an extraordinary one eclipsing many of the more seasoned bands with an album full of potential singles. In fact, that debut released seven singles. The album itself soared to the coveted Number One slot in the UK charts in its first week of release.

The band nervously followed it up with their second album, Music For The People. Released a few short years later in 2009, the album failed to recall the brilliance of its predecessor. It did yield three singles doing various business in the charts.

Streets In The Sky was released in 2012 and was not too well received by fans and critics. It would seem that the band had its day in the sun. The thinking would be that at least they had that brilliant and shining first album.

After lots of work, the band is re-emerging with a fourth album to be released on October 9. The new album is a make or break set that the band seems to be completely happy with. It is being called It’s Automatic.

The lads are going to great lengths to tell their audiences and fans that the new album will be different than any of their previous three. They have hope that It’s Automatic will be accepted on its own merit much like the debut had been. There is a first song available currently that will be offered free with pre-orders.  They had this to say bout the new album on their Facebook page: “It’s a fucking great record, and we’re delighted to say that we’re back with Warner Bros again via VAM Records. To people who are still living in 2007 it’ll be a shock but to us it’s a natural progression. The songs are some of the best we’ve ever written, the production is brilliant and you have to put the fear behind you.”

It’s Automatic will be released on CD, LP, DD, and hopefully a Deluxe Edition. The album is also being sold as signed CD and LP sets, and bundled editions with limited edition tees. The first song from the album, “Don’t Let Nothing Get In The Way”, can be heard on Spotify. For me, having been a long time fan of the three lads (Tom Clarke, Liam Watts, Andy Hopkins), I’m pleased with the new track. I suggest searching it out on Spotify if you have an account. Pre-orders of It’s Automatic will give you the track for free right away.

I hope you find this news as good as I have. I’m excited.

The Enemy Band


By MARowe