Silver Leaf LyciaSince the late ’80s, Lycia has long been a unique band in ambient music. With a style that can’t be replicated, largely due to the realization of the sound heard in Mike VanPortfleet‘s head (who else can hear that?), Lycia has produced many classics including the best-selling, Cold (1996), which was reissued as vinyl back in 2013.

In 2013, Lycia returned with a brilliant new set, Quiet Moments. With a provocative cover, and eleven songs filled with the melancholy that is hallmark to their sound, Lycia brought back memories of their past releases. Quiet Moments was met favorably by both fans and critics, prompting both Mike VanPortfleet, who is the chief architect of Lycia, and Tara Vanflower, the band’s stunning vocalist, to keep reaching in deep to the creative pool.

On Record Store Day (April 18, 2015), Lycia released a new song, “Silver Leaf“. The new song was released via Magic Bullet Records as a split 7” single, sharing sides with Black Mare, whose contribution is”Low Crimes”.

“Silver Leaf” is an evolutionary track. While it does retain the distinction of Lycia, it employs an updated style of drone (that they’re single-handedly reshaping), giving new directions to what is normally a deep, oily, low-toned industrial presentation. It retains the signature eerie vocal style without compromising the experimentation of new trails. Fans of Lycia will be immensely pleased with “Silver Leaf”, having their anticipation heightened by the hinted approach of a brand new album expected later this year (2015).

The vinyl issue is in standard black vinyl. There is, however, a limited edition grey swirl vinyl issue that can be had. “Silver Leaf” can also be purchased separately as a Digital Download.

By MARowe