Forrest Fang Letters To The Farthest StarForrest Fang is a multi-instrumentalist who has experimented with applications of traditional instruments like the violin, piano, guitars, and other, more exotic and classical instruments against backdrops of electronics to create waves of ambient textures. With over 30 years of music, found on over ten stunning albums that complete his solo efforts (thus far), and a multitude of appearances on other artists’ works, Forrest Fang has created a rich body of intriguing sound.

On March 3, Forrest Fang released a new richly-textured album in his latest offering, Letters To The Farthest Star. The new album is a variety of ambient explorations that are immediately respectful of cultural musical diversity. The songs on this beautiful set travel through a brilliant spheres of places, some filled with familiar influence (“Water Village”, part III from the opening suite, “The Unreachable Lands”), and beauty (“Seven Coronas”). But there is no light without darkness. Forrest Fang has equally stepped out into the furious frights of our being with pieces like “Fossils”, and “Lorenz”.

The music heard here is both fearless and compelling. Forrest Fang is an artist in the highest sense that is able to merge his classical skills with the swirling textures of electronic music to produce a classic.

Letters To The Farthest Star is a brilliant collection of nearly 70 minutes of music with which to stir our souls with.

By MARowe