KISS Alive IVBack in 2003, KISS furthered their Alive series by releasing a live set with a twist. KISS Symphony: Alive IV was a set that was recorded with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) containing interesting versions of their classics like “Detroit Rock City”, “Beth”, “Love Gun”, and “Rock and Roll All Night”, and others. This iteration of KISS employed three of the original members, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss, with hired guitarist, Tommy Thayer. This show was performed at the Telstra Dome venue.

Since its sell-out, KISS Symphony: Alive IV has been OOP (Out of Print).

On May 12, Sanctuary Records will reissue the 2CD version of the title, replenishing the exhausted supply with fresh copies. Currently there is no word on remastering or extra tracks although I would say that this is merely a re-introduction of the title back into the marketplace.

By MARowe

One thought on “2CD KISS Symphony: Alive IV To Be Re-released In May”
  1. As a side note they had also released an edited single disc version that included the (excellent) cover of the Ramones “Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?”

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