Beach Boys Pet Sounds BDAudioThe post below was originally posted in October with a planned BD-Audio release date for Pet Sounds, the album classic by The Beach Boys, scheduled for December 9. That date came and went with nary a peep about the updated set that many are anxious to hear. Today, I find that the BD-Audio version of Pet Sounds will be releasing on April 28. And for that, the old adage applies, “Better late than never”!

Additional new info includes the fact that this Blu-ray-Audio edition of Pet Sounds will contain three audio selections. Those will be Stereo, Mono, and a 5.1 Surround mix.

“Blu-ray Audio (BD-Audio) is an up and coming premium audio package loved by the audiophiles that are willing to go the extra mile to relive their favorites.  and I support it highly. And while I’m a Stereo purist, I do love the 5.1 for my friends that love it. And there are many of you. Of course, not all BD-Audios boast of 5.1.

[UPDATE] Today, I’m told that Pet Sounds, the 1966 Beach Boys classic that delivered “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, and “God Only Knows” to a generation of appreciative  fans, will be reissued as a BD-Audio come December 9 via Capitol Records. There is not enough information to determine whether there will be a 5.1 mix, but at least we know that this album in Stereo purity will be ours.

Lucky fans!”

By MARowe

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