FleetwoodMacBareTreesMuch gets said about Fleetwood Mac. And with good reason. They are, after all, a historic band that has enjoyed the talents of so many fine guitarists that include the legendary Peter Green, the underrated Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer, Bob Welch (who went on to solo fame), the late Bob Weston, and, without a doubt, Lindsey Buckingham. And with those guitarists, none have the spotlight more than Lindsey Buckingham. The albums that he was a part of have made sales history. Without question, that era of the band is one that everyone knows. Easily.

Without going into an in-depth history, and a convincing argument for the earlier editions of Fleetwood Mac, it does serve to make notice that one of the under-rated albums of Fleetwood Mac history, Bare Trees, will be made available, once again, in vinyl LP form.

Bare Trees was released in 1972, several albums before the release of the very popular Fleetwood Mac self-title of 1975. It featured Bob Welch, and Danny Kirwan. Bare Trees contained the original Welch composition, “Sentimental Lady”, the track that was re-recorded by Bob Welch for his solo career, and which made him a household name. In addition to that beautiful recording, the album also gave birth to the gorgeous Kirwan ¬†instrumental, “Sunny Side Of Heaven”.

But that album’s strengths do not solely lie in those few tracks. There is the poetic Kirwan track, “Dust”, as well as the music-less short poem, “Thoughts On A Grey Day”, which ends the album perfectly.

There’s also the grand beauty of Christine McVie, whose honeyed voice can be heard backing “Sentimental Lady”, as well as singing on a few others.

On February 24, Rhino Records will release a vinyl LP edition of Bare Trees. If you’re a vinyl aficionado, then this piece of news should catch your ear. Certainly, the price is right.


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