ELPTrilogyIf you’re an Emerson, Lake & Palmer fan like myself, then you wait like the rest of us for the latest updating of their classic albums. Recently, we were rewarded with the Jakko Jakszyk remix of Brain Salad Surgery. Jakko picked up the restoration processes of the ELP albums after Stephen Wilson lost interest in the rest of the catalog after finishing Emerson, Lake & Palmer. and Tarkus. With Brain Salad Surgery and its various bonus features that include the 5.1 surround bonus finished, the next in line was the brilliant, extremely different Trilogy album, released in 1972.

Trilogy toned things down quite a bit after Tarkus, maintaining what the band was all about musically, but moving into a bit of territory that blended their first album with the second. Of course, with the eventual release of Brain Salad Surgery, that avenue was no longer traveled. But while they were on it, Trilogy provided a beautifully executed blend of acoustic folk (“In The Beginning”),¬†futuristic jazz (“The Endless Enigma (Part One)”) and its progressive twin, “The Endless Enigma (Part Two)”, the classicism of “Fugue”, the grand scope jam of “Hoedown”, the expansive “Trilogy”, and so on. Needless to say, there are those who would call Trilogy their best. I’m one who does.

Trilogy was announced to follow Brain Salad Surgery in the 40th Anniversary remix and expansion, with an expectant release on several dates in 2014. Unfortunately, we now know that is not going to happen, In fact, we’re going to have to wait until 2015 to acquire the Jakko Jakszyk remix and expansion. The good news is that we won;t have to wait too long. In the UK, they already have the title on Amazon displaying the new date (for the UK) as February 2. And the great thing is that that’s at the beginning of February, thereby canceling out that month.

As with the previous ELP titles, there will be remixed Stereo, hi resolution Stereo, and a new 5.1 Surround mix planned for Trilogy. The song selections, of course, include the original tracks, as well as DVD-Audio, Blu-ray- Audio discs, and bonus tracks.

So, while the UK is touting February 2, my guess is that Razor & Tie will adhere closely to that date for the US.


Who’s excited?!


By MARowe

8 thoughts on “Classic ELP Trilogy Album Remix Planned For February”
  1. I am!
    My favourite of their catalogue!
    Too bad it has been pushed ahead to February; Steven Wilson’s next solo outing is slated for that month too. Some irony there?

  2. Where did you here anything about “Trilogy” being released on Blu-Ray Audio disc as well as DVD-A? AFAIK, these ELP releases are limited to CD and DVD-A. Also once you get more info on the track listing of this release, please share! :)

  3. Thanks for the update, Matt. I’m still ticked that Brain Salad Surgery deviated from what had been done with ELP and Tarkus by including the 5.1 mix only with the “uber” deluxe edition. Hopefully, they’re back on track with Trilogy, offering it as a CD/DVD-A package.

  4. These “new” remixes of “Trilogy” were completed 1 to 2 years ago, but record industry B.S. has repeatedly stalled this release in limbo. Jacko Jacksyk’s surround remix of “Brain Salad Surgery” was awful, so I’ll wait for consumer reviews of the “Trilogy” remixes(if it is ever released) before ordering.

  5. Trilogy is my favorite ELP of all. I realize that Brain Salad Surgery was the one that stood everyone worldwide on their ears…… but parts of BSS were just a bit “bombastic” for my tastes. Greg Lake described Trilogy as a beautifully melodic symphonic piece and it’s Lake’s favorite ELP also.

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