Marilyn Manson Pale EmperorI can easily understand any ambivalence that may be there for Marilyn Manson, however, he has made some pretty damn good music in the past. His changeovers have muddied my path with his releases but, interestingly, I still seek out what he is currently doing to see if I like it. I guess that means that he has validity, at least to me.

I was really fond of his Antichrist Superstar album. I made sure I saw his stage show in support of the album. When he moved on to Mechanical Animals, I enjoyed it but not as much as I did his previous works. With adjustments along the way, well, it was not always the Marilyn Manson I became fond of, but the band remained striking.

These days, Marilyn Manson is on the periphery, much like other bands from the start of the Millennium.

On January 20, 2015, his latest album, The Pale Emperor, will be released. This new album will contain 10 tracks, with a Deluxe Edition adding in three bonus tracks.

A track from his new album can be heard below:

By MARowe

4 thoughts on “New Marilyn Manson Set, The Pale Emperor, Planned For January”
  1. This sounds so familiar somehow… what is it channeling? Bowie? (Perhaps I’m thiking this because the title echoes The Thin White Duke) Is that it?

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s something I like. So I like this song. Even if it’s not Manson as I’ve known him.

    1. Thought the same thing. First he tried to be Alice Cooper, now he wants to be David Bowie.
      It’s been years since Manson put anything out, right?

  2. That there is my pick for “Best Song of 2014”. It had a simple but meaty hook, it grabbed you early. It sounded familiar and inviting yet fresh and you what to hear what was coming next. I would think that if you never heard of MM or know of “his baggage”. You would say “GREAT NEW BAND I wish them luck, something different amen to that” :>D

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