LisaGerrard Twilight KingdomFor those of us who are Dead Can Dance fans, especially of the two chief components, Lisa Gerrard, and Brendan Perry, I feel I’ve let you down. But more on this in a bit.

Dead Can Dance was a stylish modern approach to a class of world music, both ancient and current. In their creation of music, they introduced a dark edge that endeared fans all over the world including myself. And it isn’t just the Goth world they’ve endeared either. Any one who is a fan of classical music, world music, ancient and exotic tunes, with a wide array of instruments, many of them as ancient as the music itself, would be entranced by the recorded library of Dead Can Dance albums.

But there were solo works as well. Lisa Gerrard has released a number of albums, some featured in films. Her otherworldly voice may actually be inimitable, without peer in the world of music.

On August 11, Lisa Gerrard, via her own label, quietly released digital tracks of her latest album, Twilight Kingdom. And for the time being, there are no physical product (CD, LP) available. And I was totally unaware of this. Usually, I follow her, Perry, and Dead Can Dance pretty closely. I hope this piece makes it up to the Dead Can Dance fans I’ve failed to notify.

Twilight Kingdom is a dark and somber album. It is ghostly in its vocals, ghostly in its world, and haunting in its intent. With the music as beautifully played, and the rich voice of Lisa Gerrard, you’re taken into a place that usually only allows the footsteps of dreams within its borders. The album contains ten stunning tracks that will haunt you for quite some time. There is an included video audio of one of the tracks, “Seven Seas” below. Don’t be shy to take the journey.

Twilight Kingdom Track-List

  1. Blinded
  2. Adrift
  3. Our Kingdom Came
  4. Estelita
  5. Neptune
  6. Seven Seas
  7. Become
  8. Too Far Gone
  9. Of Love Undone
  10. The Veil

By MARowe

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