Blondie40EverBlondie is a well known band from the late ’70s, early ’80s that excited several strands of listeners. The post-punk crowd from the CBGB’s era loved her for her unique blend of Pop/Punk, with a complete dip into the punk wells of that time.  The pop radio fans, many of whom were only interested in songs as they blasted from the speakers of their cars, appreciated the band because of their enticing sound, in keeping with the spirit of radio. As a result, Blondie racked up an impressive array of hits during their peak.  In addition, they are still heralded as an important part of that short-lived post-punk period. What’s not to be appreciative of?

On May 13, Blondie will have an interesting package released called Blondie 4(0) Ever. This 2CD set does two things at once.  The first is to simply celebrate the band’s 40 years of existence with a compiled and RE-RECORDED collection of familiar and much-loved hits like “Heart Of Glass”, “Tide Is High”, “Rapture”, “Hanging On the Telephone”, “One Way Or Another”, and “Call Me”, to name some of the more noted tracks.  In all, that disc will contain eleven Blondie classics. I will also say that they sound pretty damn good in their new life.

You can stream all the songs from each disc at Rolling Stone magazine. Just click this link and be transported.

The second CD will be an album of brand new tracks from the band. That album is called Ghosts Of Download, and will contain thirteen new songs.

Blondie 4(0) Ever Tracklisting:
Greatest Hits Album
1. Heart of Glass
2. Dreaming
3. Tide Is High
4. Maria
5. Sunday Girl
6. Hanging on the Telephone
7. Rapture
8. One Way or Another
9. Call Me
10. Atomic
11. Rip Her to Shreds

Ghosts of Download
1. Sugar on the Side
2. Rave
3. A Rose By Any Name
4. Winter
5. I Want To Drag You Around
6. I Screwed Up
7. Relax
8. Take Me In The Night
9. Make A Way
10. Mile High
11. Euphoria
12. Take It Back
13. Backroom

Blondie 4(0) Ever is an interesting way to bring the band’s new music to their fans. Who doesn’t want an updated remastered accumulation of favorite tracks, even if re-recorded, because, sometimes, they sound great.  In this case, you get those, PLUS, the new explorations by Blondie.

The 2CD set is the standard issue of this title. However, it will also be made available on vinyl 2LP (including a DVD of Blondie’s 1977 CBGB performance), and a Deluxe Edition featuring the two CDs along with the DVD. More Deluxe Edition bonuses include a replica vintage collectible poster, as well a s aset of five Chris Stein photograph postcards.

The video below previews Ghosts Of Download with a song from the album, “Sugar On The Side”:


By MARowe