AnjiBee LoveMe Leave MeAnji Bee, the honey-voiced chanteuse of Lovespirals, has gone and made what many fans of the band was waiting a long time for, her own solo album. Any fan aware of Lovespirals already knows the style of Anji Bee’s approach.  She uses a breathy, light toned vocal to infuse their songs with a commanding attraction, escalating the smooth jazz that Ryan Lum produces musically.

On her debut solo release, Anji Bee uses the smooth jazz style to a greater degree than heard on the Lovespirals albums.  She would call it chill music, which is simply, a mellow style with beats throughout.  And that is what her new album is. Love Me Leave Me is a collection of eleven indispensable tracks that each have their own mesmerizing quality.  The sexiness of Anji Bee’s voice conspire to get your blood racing with her style that is only matched by Sade.

Each song moves different directions.  A song like the incredible “Saudade”, which, loosely translated means “a profound melancholic longing for an absent someone that one loves…”. It is a potent listen not only for its engaging subject matter, but for the gorgeous construction of the song.  “Saudade” is one of those songs that bring the Sade fascination sharply to mind. But it’s all Anji Bee, who enviably owns a voice that few can lay claim to.

The Lovespirals mix of “Love will Turn your Head Around” is a beautiful remix of the Karmacoda/Beth Hirsch/Anji Bee track with Anji Bee and Ryan Lum adding their hypnotic Lovespirals blend.  It is ethereally a musical departure on the album but nevertheless I’m glad it’s there. “Buddahood” uses chill to top effect with an Asian guitar style to accent it.

I love the club jazz of “Sleight Of Hand”. With its entrancing repetitive music, its tinkling piano parts, and that sexy saxophone that floats throughout the song, it’s easily one of the album’s best.  “Put Some Music On” is the album’s most direct ode to sack time.  But, in fact, much of Love Me Leave Me is geared toward the alluring of music to closeness.

Love Me Leave Me is an excellent, jazz-fueled, chillout set.  If you like smooth jazz (or chill music), then this album hits all the right spots.

–Matt Rowe

Release Date: November 12, 2013
Label: Chillcuts Records

Availability: CD, DD

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