Cinema Paradiso CD coverA few weeks ago, I wrote a fun piece on which album that you wish you were at sessions for. The answers were fun to read, and enviable.  But I’ve decided to delve a little deeper into the original concept by asking the bigger question of “Which album or work do you wish you were inside the head of the composer for?”.

On my return from Texas, where I visited my awesome granddaughter, I played the soundtrack for Cinema Paradiso.  As some of you will know, I’m fascinated by the works of Ennio Morricone.  And while I love many Rock albums, it is the creation of Cinema Paradiso that I wish I were inside the head of Ennio Morricone during its creation.  Further, I would like to have been attached emotionally so that I could feel the range of emotions as he created that beautiful collection of extraordinary compositions.

Yes, I could go further to select several more classic albums.  One is to have been inside Pete Townshend‘s head during the making of Quadrophenia.  Or John Lennon‘s head during the making of ANY of his solo works.  Or (AND) Roger Waters‘ head for Animals. My list could go further.  But for now, let’s see which heads you’d like to have been in for the creation of albums (or individual songs).

By MARowe

9 thoughts on “Poll: Which Head Would You Have Liked To Be In For The Creation Of Which Album?”
  1. This is a very weird concept (“Fringe”)… to be in someone else’s head?!

    The concept kind of skews toward a single artist (like Billy Joel, or Jimi Hendrix) or a band in which there is only one principal song writer (like Brian Wilson or Billy Joe Armstrong). If the album was crafted and written by the whole band you would need to be in several people’s heads which isn’t the question you are asking and is even more weird to contemplate (Dark Side Of The Moon, or Hotel California).

    Here are a couple:
    Paul McCartney – Band On The Run, Springsteen – Born To Run, Hendrix – Electric Ladyland, Jeff Lynn – Out Of The Blue.

  2. Porcupine Tree Deadwing
    Natalie Merchant Tigerlily amp; Motherland
    Miles Davis Bitches Brew
    John Coltrane. A Love Supreme
    King Crimson. Red

  3. I’ve always wondered what a vapid, empty space typically reserved for brain matter in most humans really would look like…so sign me up for the mind of Barry Manilow. I’d really like to know how the hollow and echoey chambers of his cranium, bereft of any true muse and artistry, can create such drivel and yet justify and somehow reconcile the existence of said creation all within the same bodily organ. Perhaps I should also add Michael Bolton to that list as well…and the Eagles.

  4. Definitely Frank Zappa’s during the making of We’re Only in it For the Money And how could I forget to include Ozzy and Black Sabbath – Master of Reality. And one last one Captain Beyond’s collective head for their self titled first album.

  5. How about Steven Wilson for Insurgentes or TRWRTS!
    BTW Matt, if you like Ennio Morricone (I’m a total fan), you must have the incredible record of Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone. Surely one of the gems in my collection. If not, hurry and get the SACD one. Awesome.

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