Music is certainly a subjective experience. What works for me likely won’t work for you (besides shared appreciation selections). But I’m always interested in what others find wonderful.

A few days ago, I got caught up in what I feel are songs that somehow transcend the usual “I like that” assignation. The songs that I listened to were tunes that come back far more frequently than many others. In fact, I son’t usually have to cycle back to them, they just seem to be always there.

And so, I thought I’d ask what some of your most important songs are. For example, I have “Heart Of Gold” by Neil Young always finding its way into my mind at least once or twice a week. Another is “So Far Away” by Carole King (who also has “Sweet Seasons”, “Jazzman”, Been To Canaan”, and “It’s Too Late” in that cranial jukebox of mine). There’s “Stone Cold Sober” by Crawler, “Ballad Of The Beacon” by Wishbone Ash, “Mainstreet” by Bob Seger, “Closer To Home” by Grand Funk Railroad, “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell (who also has a few more that show up frequently). There are more, of course. Which is why I’m not asking for a Top Ten list. but rather the first batch that easily rolls from your memory.

While I’m at it, it’s cool to see that Night Moves by Bob Seger will be arriving on 180g vinyl LP reissue on June 16. PLUS, there are four Joy Division titles coming to LP, and two Cocteau Twins LPs. The Joy Division sets (Substance – 1988, Still – 1981, 2LP sets planned for July 17, and Unknown Pleasures – 1979, Closer – 1980, 1LP sets planned for June 30), all coming from Rhino! The Cocteau Twins LPs are coming from 4AD on July 17, and includes The Pink Opaque – 1985, and Tiny Dynamine (EP) – 1985 with Echoes In A Shallow Bay (EP) – 1985 together in one set. (I HAD to get something new coming out in here!)

Bob Seger Night Moves LP

By MARowe

12 thoughts on “Favorite Songs That Get Constant Replay”
  1. Hello it’s Me by Todd Rundgren takes me back to the wonderful days of AM top 40 radio.

  2. I am a little confused with the question. There are songs that are very important to me that I don’t listen to regularly if for no other reason because there are so many of them.
    I will interpret this in a different way. There are certain songs, that when I hear them on the radio (or wherever), will always be listened to. I will never change the channel because I can’t not listen to them.

    The top of that list for me is probably Hendrix’s version of “All Along The Watchtower”.
    Another is Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage/Eclipse”.
    Boston’s “Hitch A Ride”.
    There are many, many more. So I will just stop there.

      1. I always seem to have a song running through my head. It’s pretty jumbled up there though, so at any given time there are hundreds that might pop up. I notice when I am cutting the lawn a song always seems to get stuck in my head, but it could be almost anything.

  3. For me the first ones to pop up are: Hotel California – Eagles, Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh, Foreplay / Longtime – Boston, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel, amp; Killer Queen – Queen. These 5 songs were all huge hits, but there are a few that weren’t that get stuck in my head, like Rings – Cymerron, Tumblin’ Dice – Linda Ronstadt (yes I know people are going to yell Rolling Stones !) but Linda did a great job on it, and anything from Ziggy Stardust amp; The Spiders From Mars

  4. I also have many songs that run through my head but these 3 standout:

    The Iron Butterfly Theme – Iron Butterfly
    Wishbone Ash – Phoenix
    Thin Lizzy – Emerald

  5. I find key words in conversation really set me off, so the playlist in my alleged mind keeps rotating. Sometimes it is even a theme from some TV soundtrack that reminds me of something else. Here are some tracks that have been haunting me lately:
    Leslie West – Blood of the Sun
    Black Sabbath – Sweetleaf
    Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
    The Beatles – I Will
    10CC – Dreadlock Holiday

  6. Often playing on mind’s IPod:
    Turtles – Happy Together
    Beatles – I Feel Fine/She’s A Woman (I can never seperate these two)
    Elton – Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
    Edgar Winter’s White Trash – Tobacco Road
    Leon Russell – Jumping Jack Flash/Youngblood (another great Stones cover)
    Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues
    Carpenters – Goodbye To Love
    Todd Rundgren – It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
    Procol Harum – Strong as Sampson
    Allman Brothers – You Don’t Love Me

    I’ll leave it at ten. Don’t want to overstay my welcome. Thanks for the idea, and keep up the good work.

  7. Great thread.
    The following are just a sample from the constant replay in my head!

    Steely Dan – Chain Lightning
    Neil Young – The needle and the damage done
    CSNY – Deja Vu
    Yes – Sound Chaser

    I have so many more programmed into this old brain that I could plug in an HDMI to my skull and have a fantastic concert. (HD at that!)

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